Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the SUPER MARIO 3 code: ........... (a rare find) ...lost for 22 years (then, finally found).

First: note that Game Genie codes are different from Cheats using the decimal system.
BOTH can be found on, although my personal archive is more extensive than Game-Genie.
However, both Cheat Lists are worth while.
Now, with that said, please enjoy the blog.
It's a true story about an amazing GameGenie code that was lost for 22 years.

Okay. Let me take you back to the early release of Game Genie.
It was a rocky start because Nintendo Banned all sales to the USA.
So, Galoob was forced to confine all sales to Canada.
SO, needless to say, I quickly planned a trip to the Northern country, so I could get my game genie. But, luckily I was able to find a distributor through a catalog.
Please remember, there was no World Wide Web, back then. And, getting info wasn't easy.

SO, I bought my game genies for a hefty $150 dollar price tag. (each).

and, upon their arrival, I was amazed to see that many codes were already available.
Most impressively, was the newly released Super Mario 3.
And, my favorite code was "Invincibility while mario is small".
THis allowed me to get the full feel for the game, while still remaining immune to death.

The distributor for Game Genie in Canada was Camerica. They made many great Joysticks.
But, finally, Galoob won their court decision, and Game-Genie sales were permitted in the U.S.A.

But, in their 2nd manual, something big was missing.
"That Code" for Super Mario 3.
Sure, there were many other great codes available.
but, it just didn't create the same look or feel. My research also concluded that the code was removed because the game could freeze after completion. and, you wouldn't be able to see the ending. This problem could be solved by pressing up. But, please remember: this came at a time when nothing could be saved. Nowadays, you can save your location at any point. SO, who cares if the game freezes.

So, I searched for my Camerica manual, and COULD NOT FIND IT. I shouldn't admit this, but, each time I cleaned my garage, I always had that first manual in-the-back-of-my mind. I really wanted to find that code again. But, after a decade, I had given up hope completely. Honestly though, for the next 10 years, I hadn't forgotten about it.

Then finally, 22 years later, I finally stumbled upon that damn manual.

SO, here's the great code for Super Mario Bros. 3:


also try:

and don't forget:
(when you've already become Raccoon, fiery, etc.):